Biomethane plant

Location: Schuby, Germany

Biomethane plant The project of purchase and modernization of high margin biomethane plant in Germany.

Ozone Investment LLC provides the professional support of the project realization. Total cost of the project is estimated at approximately EUR 5,7 mln. After modernization the plant will be capable to process about 64000 ton of raw sugar beets per annum to produce 67 mln kW/h of biomethane.

The plant with total installed capacity of 1000 cubic meters of gas per hour was launched in 2011 and till 2013 produced about 5 mln cubic meters of biogas. The plant needs modernization which will significantly improve its operational efficiency. The plant is set to produce biomethane which can be used instead of natural gas as a fuel. The gas is obtained from sugar beet as raw material due to a process called mono-fermentation. The end product goes directly to the feeder station of a gas-infrastructure company Gasunie.

Option period expired.

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