Strategic Investment

Strategic investment means the investment of capital to the existing businesses and to new business projects in sphere of interests of Ozone Investment LLC, namely, the development of renewable energy, agriculture and medicine (laboratory and diagnostic areas). This type of investment is done by entering the authorized capital of enterprises with further participation in management and control of it through the development of effective long-term strategy.

Investment limits on the projects:

Field of activity The minimum investment amount, EUR The maximum investment amount, EUR
Renewable energy 500.000 5.000.000
Agriculture 250.000 5.000.000
Medicine (laboratory and diagnostic areas) 60.000 3.000.000

Each project is treated individually. The combination of several types of financial products for a single project is possible.

If you are interested in cooperation with us, please fill out the Questionnaire for the analysis of preliminary data of the potential project. Our managers will contact you shortly!