Томас Бретшнейдер

Dr. Thomas Bretschneider
Co-founder, Managing Director

Thomas is Co-founder of Global Health Resolution Financial Services B.V. and General Director of Ozone Investment LLC. He is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years in banking and financial sector, corporate development and, business restructuring and operating management experience. He has extensive financing and investment experience in a variety manufacturing, oil & gas, metals, non-ferrous metals and manufacturing technology located in Germany, England, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria. The transaction under his supervision exceeds of EUR 1 billion.

After completing PH.D. in economics, Thomas trained as a bank officer at Bayerische Vereinsbank AG, a leading German commercial bank, and subsequently joined the bank´s credit staff. Four years later, in 1995, Thomas joined Commerzbank AG, where he first served as a head of the loan department at the bank´s regional branch in Chemnitz. He was then appointed head of the newly-established Department for Loan Restructuring and Financial Engineering at the large regional branch Dresden, a position he held for two years. Here Thomas dealt with all aspects of both loan and company restructuring for medium-sized firms. In view of the solid background in banking, particularly in credit operations, his familiarity with the operating environment in CIS countries and the fluency in Russian, Thomas was put in charge of risk and portfolio management at a Commerzbank subsidiary in Moscow, where he played a key role in building up the bank´s business in the rapidly evolving Russian market. The skills in developing and managing relationships with customers and state institutions, and understanding of the challenges facing business in a transition economy, enabled Thomas to establish the subsidiary as an important provider of commercial loans and pre-export finance in the local market.

VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG he joined in January 2004. He served as a member of the bank´s executive management, with responsibility for building up and overseeing the bank´s lending business with banks and enterprises. Areas under his supervision included both credit analyses and monitoring and overall client relationship management. In his prior career, Thomas acquired extensive experience in high-level positions in the fields of risk management.

Thomas joined Hypo Bank International, Klagenfurt in January 2010. He was responsible as a CEO for both leasing companies in Ukraine and Bulgaria. At the time than he took over the responsibility for Hypo Leasing Ukraine the portfolio was distinguished as nonperforming. Over two years the portfolio was restructured and came for a big part performing that gave HBInt the opportunity to sell the company. In February 2011 Thomas was invited as a member of the executive management of Hypo Leasing Holding (Austria). The main responsibilities of this position were the composition of a concept for the future handling of all subsidiaries and affiliated companies of HLH and establish the steering of all wind down companies in HBInt. Thomas resigned this position in HLH in May 2012.

Thomas serves on the Supervisory Board of two Russian banks, as independent Director since 2013 and 2014 respectively. He studied Economics at the Institute of Economics, Kyiv, Ukraine, degrees: M.Sc. (equivalent) in Economics and Ph.D. in Economics.